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Accidents Articles

Accidents kill three

Three young people have died on Gippsland roads in two accidents within nine hours.


Young most at risk in car crashes Drivers aged 17 to 25 are more likely to be killed or injured in accidents because they drive older cars, research from Monash University has found. The study looked at more than 250,000 accidents in Australia and New Zealand over four years. Women more

Grim Death Scene Too Often A Part Of Life

DRIVING past places where fatal accidents have just occurred always gives me a chill.

Corridors Of Pedal Power Put Our Lives In Danger

While sympathy for cyclists who get "doored" is valid, it evaporates quickly when you see hundreds of cyclists every morning at the Pyrmont fish markets intersection running the red lights, lane-weaving, queue-jumping and demanding cars treat them like royalty, and becoming abusive and even violent when they do not (" more

Bike Accidents Open Door To Paths

THEY call it the "door zone". It is the few metres between parked cars and moving traffic and it is the most dangerous place for a cyclist to ride because of the risk someone will open a car door.